Working From Home: 3 Types of Work/ Study Area

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Getting home from school one day, I passed by an old terrace house in my neighbourhood which was not very well maintained, but there was shiny Mercedes E-Class parked in the car porch. I still remember this scene quite vividly, even though it was 20 years ago when I was in high school.

I’ve always thought i myself why do people put more effort and pride in their car more than their homes. I’m not sure if this is due to the bias of my passion in houses, or that I do not have any for cars.

Since the on going pandemic, I think mindsets have shifted. Not just to prepare a nicer work area in the house, but the desire to improve the comfort and livability into a space that we spend most of our time in. My sister got herself a brand new sofa, after realizing how uncomfortable her old one was, to sit on it for half a day for work.

She moved in almost 2 years ago.

Apart from working on the dining table (understandably so as it is the largest surface area above ground), here are some examples of work or study areas you can implement in your current home:

1. Separated Space

A proper work area will always promote professionalism, even at home
  • Requires separation (and self discipline *hint hint*) to minimise distractions

  • Space to accommodate printer, scanner and/ or other gadgets

  • Top cabinet space to keep the area organised, especially if it’s not in an open, shared space

Separated nook for informal work. If there is such a thing

2. Serious/ Family Work & Study Room

Work and study can co-exist. Having plenty of storage space minimises clutter at areas where space is essential
  • Demarcation of working area and storage

  • Power, internet or phone sockets and supplies

  • Glass enclosure; the best of both worlds but maintenance and cleanliness is always a deciding factor.

Open shelf and decor to informalise storage

3. Quick E-Mail/ Facebook Check

It doesn't always have to scream "seriousness"
  • Flexible, strategic location where comfort is not priority (just like a kitchen island)

  • A pretty little work nook which doubles up as decor console when not in use

  • More decoration than stationery on table

Keep it clear and temporary

Since we can’t escape from work, let’s glorify them and make the best of it while they’re here to stay.


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