What Type of Home Office Do You Need?

In this era of entrepreneurship, we are all trying to invite work (or at least major parts of it) into our daily lives rather than keeping it separate. Flexible working hours, nursing rooms and personal, mobile computers are some of the elements that has been helping many to integrate work with daily life.

Popping up of beautiful co-working spaces in KL too are promoting status and first impressions. Coming across this article, I can’t help but to think how little people speak and relate entrepreneurship to bootstrapping, really doing the work and forgo the glamour of calling themselves a founder.

Having worked in a home office when I first founded this startup myself purely for financial reasons, below are a few essential makeover tips for your home office, depending on the type of worker you are.

1. Working From Home

A proper work area will always promote professionalism, even at home

  • Requires separation (and self discipline *hint hint*) to minimise distractions

  • Space to accommodate printer, scanner and/ or other gadgets

  • Table to be facing entry point, a Feng Shui related tip to avoid looking over your shoulders every time somebody comes in or hear a noise

Well controlled open shelves for ease of reach, usage and servicing of gadgets

2. Serious/ Family Work Area

Having plenty of storage space minimises clutter at areas where space is essential

  • Demarcation of working area and storage

  • Power, internet or phone sockets and supply

  • Top cabinet space to keep the area organised, especially if it’s not in an open, shared space

Glass enclosure; the best of both worlds but maintenance and cleanliness is always a deciding factor.

3. Quick E-Mail/ Facebook Check

It doesn't always have to scream "seriousness"

  • Flexible, strategic location where comfort is not priority (just like a kitchen island)

  • A pretty little work nook which doubles up as decor console when not in use

  • More decoration than stationery on table

Keep it clear and temporary

Since we can’t escape from work, let’s glorify them and make the best of it while they’re here to stay.


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