What To Prioritise In A Renovation

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

A recent article by Edge Property indicated that more home owners in Malaysia are taking bank loans to finance their home renovation. Without getting into Malaysian's spending habits and rising costs, what I got from this newsfeed is that there are increasing importance given to furnishing up a house and perhaps the desire for a high standard of accommodation.

Of course there are also the other side of the spectrum dominated by DIY crews and Ikea shoppers. A home is what you make of it, so somehow I see in them the same desire but just using other methods. There are many ways to get to the same destination.

It is really different strokes for different folks. What's important is to know clearly what route you want to take on the way to a more comfortable home. That way, it will be easier to prioritise your costing and budget. Below are some of the usual work and consideration that goes into a renovation, its importance and budget allocation.

1. Plaster ceiling

  • Cost: Low

  • Effect: Medium

  • Concerns: Small/ low physical space

  • Benefits: Freedom in lighting/ fan positioning, clean finishing, hiding structural elements and curtain tracks.

2. Flooring

  • Cost: Low- Medium

  • Effect: High

  • Concerns: Major hacking required, affecting other elements (doors), skirting

  • Benefits: Plenty of products in the market that serves practical and aesthetic purposes.

3. Tiling

  • Cost: High

  • Effect: Medium

  • Concerns: Dirt/ debris during hacking (of existing tiles/ finishes, purely an aesthetic decision (unless it is to solve a leaking or plumbing issue) as it does not. practically, affect the way you live.

  • Benefits: Allows new plumbing works like relocating or adding another sink/ basin, adding hot water pipes.

4. Carpentry works

  • Cost: Medium- High

  • Effect: High

  • Concerns: Physically takes up too much space, not mobile.

  • Benefits: Endless possibilities in providing solutions (storage, concealed door, privacy), helps to achieve a more cohesive home concept.

For a more detailed considerations, here's our tip and guideline of 5 things to consider when renovating an older house.

Happy hunting.


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