The Making of MV: Check-in 4, First & Second Floor

The Progress

Kid's Room (1st Floor)

Existing window sealed off, new windows in. Existing fixed corner window is also altered to allow safe passage into the "supposed" balcony which always baffles me. IF developers wanted it to be a Balcony, they should make it so. If not, don't have redundant concrete slabs out there, expecting further makeover by purchasers.

Fresh coat of paint in.

Next up, Vinyl flooring. If you looks white lines on the existing flooring, this practice is called skimming. We use wet compound to fill up the grouting (gaps between tiles) so that it wont be visible after the Vinyls are installed. Basically its flattening the floor.

First batch of carpentry in, completing the headboard for 2 single beds and the nook that is occupied by the wardrobe and study.

Once balcony becomes accessible, artificial turfing and safety railings were added, in the design that matches the new trackless Auto Gate and fencing at Backyard. Solid timber Chengal steps were also added to connect both balconies. It is now a floating Playground for the Kids!

Guest Rooms

After fairly simple electrical and ceiling works, Vinyl flooring were installed and carpentry in. For both these rooms, same coat of paint were used for the feature walls and wardrobe (in spray paint finish). This helps the room to look less cluttered, especially when it is used infrequently.

Family (2nd Floor)

Shell of the new top floor balcony has now been carved out. Time for surface treatment and finishes.

New sliding door to complement fresh coat of paint.

As with the 1st floor, skimming works including staircase area prior to Vinyl flooring installation.

Timber decking and feature wall (not dissimilar with Yard design) is in before installation of new safety railing.

New work-from-home station up, with enclosed storage and marble top. The same marble finishing is also conservatively splash across the 2nd floor (Pantry & master Bedroom)

Master Bedroom

Wardrobe nook that comes in an in-built dresser is up and running!

Custom loose nightstands were also made to complement not only the Master Bedroom setting, but the while 2nd floor as it comes with matching finish and Marble top.

And that's all for this series of The Making. Until we reveal the final images of the completed and furnished home.

Were there any elements that were missed out or that you'd like me to focus on for the next series? Maybe a little more drama?


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