The Making of MV: Check-in 3, Ground Floor

The Progress

Living Room, Play Area

Closing off of ceiling once electrical works is done. New bigger window at Play Area is also installed. The home owner also decided to renew the Main Door, a solid Nyatoh timber door with electronic lock and design that matches the interior.

We kept the Main Door in natural finish, with vertical stripes to commend the TV console, which maximises storage spaces.

Fabrication of Play Area platform also started, which also emphasises storage for the toys and books. There will also be a reading book that comes with more storage (!).

A sleek frame that goes around the edge of Play Area to, almost, formalise this area as a separation from the adult zone.

Dining, Kitchen

Fabrication of Dining bench that will be topped with cushion seating and backrest, with drawers below. We also took this opportunity to custom-make a dining table as well to match the finish and customise the size.

We also do incorporate practical accessories from Ikea, like the carousel seen here in both corners. Instead of using tiles for backsplash, we covered the exposed wall with the same engineered quartz, including the right end of the kitchen. The wall hanging cabinet was not designed till the end as if its hard to reach, therefore rendering it non-user friendly.


The initial design of having 3-panel sliding door was compromised due to a column at the corner edge of the existing utility/ Maid's Room. The left and smaller opening will now be a fixed window, and a 2-panel swing door will occupy the right and bigger opening.

Laundry cabinet to complete the area, with opening to accomodate a washer and dryer side by side.


Solid nyatoh timber decking wraps the backyard and create a more conducive environment for both parents and children. The timber strips turns up to the wall where the outdoor shower will be.

A new fencing and gate is also done. The significance of the design is the consistency with other parts of the house like the new trackless Auto Gate, and upper floor balcony railing which we will speak about in the following episode.

The pillar separating the Main Gate and Pedestrian gate is removed to make a wider gate, a common makeover for terrace houses, even a superlink!

Staircase feature

Any area, portion or practice that caught your eye?


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