The Making of MV: Check-in 2, First & Second Floor

The Design

Kid's Room (1st Floor)

A clear separation of rest area, study and storage helps to mitigate the odd shaped Kids Room, which is helped by a big nook outside of the ensuite Bath, just like the Play Area downstairs.

One of the panel of the existing windows is also replaced, subtly, with a door to access the existing concrete slab above the carporch, making a it a spacious playground floating in the air.

Guest Rooms

Both Guest Rooms were kept as simple of possible, as they're only for occasional use. To reduce visual clutter of the room, a full-scale wardrobe will be finished in spray paint that matches the color of the feature wall. This keeps the room visually sleek and dramatic at the same time.

Family (2nd Floor)

Carving out a room or in this case a balcony, is sometimes undesirable as it takes up room inside the house. But here, it helps create a cozy tv corner with a clean home office area at the side. A little pantry completes the family area, which may be the most important addition here, since it’s next to the master bedroom (new parents, am I right?).

Master Bedroom

The top floor (family & master bedroom) is that special that it commands a different set of finishes compared to the rest of the house. The master bedroom resumes this trend with a prominent headboard to mitigate the different ceiling and window height at the edge.

Similar to the kids room, storage and dresser also occupies nook outside of the bathroom.

The Progress

Kid's Room: Electrical and wet works are running concurrently here, where we remove the existing window (small square), fill it back up with brick wall and opening a new window for the proposed Study Area.

Guest Rooms: Basic electrical works for bedside sockets. In the 2nd Guest Room (bottom photo), the opening on the ceiling on the top right corner indicates that there is already existing ceiling provided by developer previous. This saves some time and costs.

A 'simple' balcony in the Family will take up most of the wet works in the upper 2 floors. Removing the existing window and wall below it is the first step to creating an opening. Next we need to build walls around it, while leaving room for a new sliding door. Waterproofing is a must, even if it's a semi-out door space.

As the balcony does not take up the whole stretch, this little cozy corner that is created allows a little work space, which a new window opening above the table top, similar to the Kid's Room study area below.

Next up, time to cover up those patches, electrical cabling works and make them concealed once and for all! Actually kidding. There's always room for adjustments and maintenance.


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