The Making of Mutiara Villa (MV): Check-in 1, Ground Floor

Updated: Jun 1

The Cast

Project: Mutiara Villa, Kajang

House type: 3-Storey Superlink

Brief: A family with 2 young ones, goal was to establish an open concept in common area with nooks for storage and play area.

Notable works: Carving out balcony in the top floor family area (instead of extending out), making use of the reinforced concrete slab in the kids room to use as balcony, breaking up of the Utility/ Maid’s Room to have a spacious and open laundry.

The Design

Living Room

The overlapping theme is always to have hidden and cleverly placed storage throughout the house without cramping up the space, especially in the common area. Thus, the tv console tried to embody this mindset.

Dining, Kitchen

There wasn’t a need to compartmentalize the kitchen, so we took advantage of this lack of boundary by bringing out the fridge to have a bigger kitchen, and double it down with a concealed door leading to the guest room.

Booth style dining maximizes width of the path way to the kitchen (it’s a terrace house after all, which means width is always a thing), while having some visual connectivity to the tv console and kitchen.

Laundry, Backyard

Existing Utility, Maid's Room that is separated.

Laundry is to be connected to the kitchen. The backyard is also to be transformed into a more desirable outside space (and not just the back of the house to dry clothes) with some timber feature and an outdoor shower.

Play Area, Staircase feature

The little nook in the living room, again, takes advantage of extra storage space and enables the young ones to hang around the family area with their own activities.

Existing staircase railing is removed, eliminating any hint of industrial elements, replaced with a timber and marble “cap” which although subtle in appearance, lights up the staircase at night for when the craving for snacks pops up.

The Progress

As always, hacking and electrical works always lead the project. Protection is also crucial to protect flooring that will be retained.

The major hacking works will be at the back of the house, to remove walls to connect Kitchen and Laundry.

The window and walls at the Play Area is also removed to allow more natural light into the Living area and Play Area.

As this is one of the bigger property that we are featuring, my intention is to break it down to smaller portions of the house for easier consumption. The process (of reading), sometimes, matters more than the final outcome.

Do drop a comment below if you prefer all at once!


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