The Making of ML: Check-In 1

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

One notion that I hold close to my work is that the journey is sometimes as important, if not more important, than the destination. To zoom in closer to what we do and not to sound too philosophical, the progress when designing and renovating a house is sometimes as important as the final finished result.

That means we always try to have a good rapport with whomever we work with by having excellent customer service and keeping home owners informed of the design progress, issues (yes, issues) and progress at site. We don't crave for that "tadaaaa!" moments as many artists do.

To uphold this ideal and principle, we will now be trying to post on-going projects on a weekly basis and document as much as possible, because I believe there is something we or you can learn from, every step of the way and on the way to turn a house into a home.

The Cast

Project: Monet Lily Residence @ Sunsuria City, Sepang.

House: 2-Storey intermediate terrace

Notable works: Extension of kitchen and guest room at the rear of the house.

Client brief: House to be used as short-term rental, but also as occasional weekend home.

The Design

Extension of the Kitchen allowed living room to expand too
Feature wall to partially cover staircase and store room door
Sliding & hide glass door to kitchen, allowing more natural light to enter dining space
Extended kitchen with new floor tiles
Family area on 1st storey
Master bedroom with feature headboard
Long wardrobe with a dresser tucked in the corner
Bedroom 1 with headboard come-shelf to replace side table
Bedroom 2 with side table/ dresser combination
Bedroom 2 wardrobe area

The Progress

As we get into the final week of CMCO, it was good to get the work going, starting with extension of existing kitchen and guest room as well as electrical. We are usually quite methodical and move through stages/ scope of works in an organised fashion. However, since there are no wet works going on on the 1st storey, we allowed electrical works to commence to shorten the overall renovation time.

Minor excavation works completed, allowing foundation (footing) to be casted.

Family area mirror/ feature wall.

Detailed look into feature wall @ Family.

Master Bedroom electrical works completed. Lighting point placed above existing ceiling, opening for light fittings to be done when ceiling works for other areas commence.

Bedroom 1 electrical works completed.

Headboard for Bedroom 2.

Bedroom 2 electrical works completed.

Dresser mirror for Bedroom 2.

Sidetable/ dresser for Bedroom 2.

Apart from building up the habit of documentation, this type of post is meant to help readers. Do leave a comment on information you'd like to know more of or types of post you would like to see more.


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