The Making of ML: Final Check-In

To say that we are happy to handover another completed project is a given, but this one has slightly more significance, in that this is the first completed project this year, not including last year's projects that were finished earlier this year.

Following post will just be some description of design decisions which I hope to be useful, especially if you've been following the project from the start of renovation from previous check ins.


A full-height shoe storage at the Carporch before entering the main door. Bottom of cabinet is lifted for practical reasons, avoiding it getting wet during downpour or cash wash sessions.

A little grille-style cabinet door at the bottom of TV to avoid using glass. This design also helps ventilation of players or decoders or Playstations when in use, and I feel that it is more responsive with remote controls as compared to glass doors.

Concealed door/ feature wall to complement TV console and hide the ever-annoying store room door.

Dining, Kitchen

Pocket-sliding door to Kitchen next to Dining. As this residence is to be used for short-term rentals, heavy cooking may not be an often occurrence. Therefore, keeping any space as flexibly big as possible has it merits and will add to the attraction of this listing.

Double loaded kitchen for full functionality. Pantry, ovens, and washer areas are also allocated within this space.
Engineered quartz that wraps the kitchen top and backsplash to eliminate the need to retile.

Guest Room

Guest Room, which is also extended along side kitchen, host a sfull-study/ dresser and reading area.

Master Bedroom

Marble-laminate paints a large part of the headboard

Concealed storage next to side table to maximise storage next to wardrobe.

Wardrobe with auto-on lighting and metal storage drawer systems.

Simple dresser to make use of room's little nook.


Treating Family space as a foyer before bedrooms, we want a visual connection to some of the bedrooms

Bedroom 1

Thicker headboard for extra surface, due to the shortage of space for side tables.
A half-height color scheme is a follow-up from finishing at Family.

Bedroom 2

Side table cum mini Dresser.

As I may have mentioned in previous check-ins, these posts are for education and informational purposes and not me to feel good about myself. Do let me know if we should continue doing this in our on-going projects, or if there is certain aspects that I should add and/or focus on.


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