The Making of ML: Check-In 4

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Even though we are approaching the completion of the major works on site, there are still plenty of work to be done before it becomes ready to be inhabited, or photo-ready.

We have started sorting out furniture selection and purchase which will be followed up with styling of the house which usually includes decor items, pantings, rugs, and even laundry baskets. Apart from that, we are also looking out for early defects like rough edges, making sure electrical fittings work (even kitchen appliances that was purchased by the home owner), and making last minute adjustments should it be required.

First half of the 'pocket' for kitchen sliding door.

This 'pocket' wall allows a nice termination to the side of the kitchen cabinet while also hides the sliding door when fully open. That way, you can maximise the door opening to the kitchen. It helps to create a flexible and open-plan concept when there is no cooking going on.


Kitchen cabinet being pre-assembled in the factory to ensure accurate measurements and size of each appliance is taken into account (in terms of sizing).

It is then dismantled, transported and re-assembled at site. Ready to receive our counter top and backsplash.

Seemless transition between counter top and backsplash.

The other side of kitchen cabinets are the pantry to hold built-in appliance, washing machine, dryer, and for dry food storage. Curved edge facing sliding door.

Living, Dining

TV console up.

Wiring coordination and ready to receive concealed LED lighting at each shelf.

Middle white panel is a box up to concealed and allow all wirings to go from TV to the drawers below.

Feature wall to conceal existing door to store room below staircase. Marble textured laminate to match TV console.

Concealed magnetic tic-tac door. Openings on the panel for electrical sockets and switches (to the right of the door) needed to be accurate as it is not as easy to patch up compared to a normal brick wall.

Electrical fittings coming together. This is also when we review and compare outcome and technical drawings, thus learning and adjusting for both site current site and future projects.

Guest Room

Integrated set of wardrobe, bay window seat and study/ dresser.

Ready to receive custom fabric cushion.

Marble laminate with mirror backsplash.

Hopefully this series of posts on this Monet Lily project has been either entertaining or educational in your own renovation endeavours. I'm not sure if I will do another one with all the loose furniture and styling in. Let me know if there are any aspects or issues that you may be interested in that I did not bring up.


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