The Making of ML: Check-In 3

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

After almost 1.5 months of work, things are finally coming together. The latter stages of any project are usually the most exciting as the site becomes cleaner, electrical and plumbing works concealed, and carpentry installation commences. Sketch images and renderings start taking a realistic form. This is also when we start evaluating outcome of any design components against initial design ideas and make necessary last minute adjustments where required, or taking, good and bad, notes for upcoming projects.

Once the new extended area’s roof is up, we can then proceed to hack the existing rear wall

Although the usual workflow is to always start with demolition and hacking works, we didn’t want to leave a big hole at the bark of the house while waiting for the new wall to be erected (regardless of how secure the gated compound is).

Metal roof structure as opposed to the traditional solid timber

Using metal corner beads to ensure a cleaner 90 degree finishing at window openings

Next up are remaining wet works which is tilling of the Guest Room and Kitchen floor.

Concealed plumbing works for new floor trap and washing machine outlet
Kitchen is ready to receive new floor tiles

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom headboard with marble-printed laminate
Simple floating dresser in an awkward-corner

Bedroom 1

Due to the size of the room, a protruded headboard allows the top part to be used as display/ simple storage, thus replacing the need for side tables. Color is blended and coordinated with wall paint to help blend in with its surroundings.

Bedroom 2

Also due to the tight space, a custom sideboard-cum-dresser allows the little space left to be maximised.

A mini-arch emphasised the entry into wardrobe area.

Ceiling works in the common area are completed are ready to receive carpentry works. This is easily one of the most exciting part: the living, dining and kitchen. Done right, it should set the tone for the ambience and style for the rest of the house. Or maybe it’s fun because it’s the biggest areas in this house.

Till then,


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