The Making of ML: Check-In 2

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

A second instalment of our project at Monet Lily Residence, here are some of the updates of what’s been going on at site works and any fabrication works that has been going on in the past 2 weeks.

Casting of new ground beam, which is edge of extended area

In summary, structural works for the kitchen / guest room extension has been completed. Laying and plastering of brick wall are on going. Electrical wiring works are competed and pending erection of brick wall of the extended area. Carpentry works for 1st Storey and complete, and we should see installation of these in the following check in.

Brick wall up, and making sure RC lintel is added above doors and windows
RC lintel ensures bricks above any window and doors are properly support (acting like a mini beam)
Electrical wiring works in Living Room in progress.

Like I mentioned in the first installment, this series is meant to shine a light on site works and potential areas for homeowners to take note of when doing their own renovation endeavor. How are you going to learn without mistakes and juicy stories right?

Initial guest room design

One issue that we could have anticipated better is the ceiling height of the new kitchen and guest room. As we are using pitched roof for the extended area, the ceiling height can only go as high as the lowest point of the roof.

What this means is that for guest room, a drop in filing height for the study area will be observed. Meanwhile, entire ceiling for kitchen will be dropped until the sliding door to prevent having split height.

New dropped ceiling at Guest Room study area


Painting works at site commenced

While carpentry at workshop resumes

Master Bedroom

Headboard & wardrobe configuration

Bedroom 2

Headboard with a side table cum dresser

Wardrobe with arc/ frame

First batch of carpentry works is currently being installed on site. Therefore, we should be able to see pieces of the puzzle coming together in our next check in. Until then.


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