The Making of GBR: Check-In 2

As we lay the ground works, namely electrical and AC works, things always begin to take shape when walls and carpentry work goes up. This is always the stage of work that gets us excited, as drawings on paper and computer starts materialising.

This is also when adjustments are being made sometimes to cater for unforeseen situations at site, e.g. concealed pipping or structure, or minor last minute changes. While undesirable, it is completely unavoidable at times as clients may not be able to visualise the actual build situation during the design stage.

This week, we go from the bare walls to the finishing layer of the build items.

The Progress


Initial design.
Using the staircase as reference, we can then build the entrance foyer around it.
Using pocket door (to meeting room) meaning we had to slot the door in early.
Once the bones of the walls are up, electrical works will need to be done before the finishing layer is applied.
View from the loft.


Initial design.
Once floors are patched up from electrical hacking, site was ready to receive first batch of cabinets.
Partition wall with concealed door (to store room), before finishing layer.
Coming together with the staircase/ foyer wall.
Timber enclosure wrapping the metal staircase.


Loft structure is up, time to receive the finishes.
Not forgetting timber railing for safety.
Finishing applied at loft while doing the final bits for the staircase.


Due to the ceiling height of the property, additional metal support was required for the rooms.
Room ceiling height was reduced to contorl echo levels and air-conditioning efficiency.
Finishing the walls with groove lines, before receiving glass enclosure.


Initial design.
Meeting room enclosure commences.
Finishing touches to the new walls.
Privacy, checked.
Kitchen and timber flooring to complete the open Pantry.

I'm experimenting with this form of check-ins and pack more information and progress into one update. Not sure if it's feasible due to the size of the property, or even desirable to read.

Do you prefer a more packed and informative content? Or does taking it one step at a time makes it easier to digest?


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