Styles of Furniture Suppliers in Kuala Lumpur

It’s not a bad time at the moment if you’re a home owner looking to furnish up your home in Kuala Lumpur. Over the past 5 to 7 years, furniture stores, good and bad, have been popping up around town. Another major supply boost is online platforms offering more competitive pricing and selections (which is not always positive).

The advantage of physical furnishing and decor stores are that you are able to ‘test-drive’ them, judging first-hand the stiffness of the cushion, softness of the fabric, and how the back part of each piece might look like.

One common denominator I have observed from clients, homeowners and design enthusiast alike are that no one has difficulty picking out furniture pieces that they love for their homes, but most tend to get stuck when picking out a few to match them, in fear of clashing styles. Below are a short review of some furniture stores and brands that adore, frequent or just plain popular.

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1. Commune

  • Love it or hate it leather sofas.

  • When I’m looking for a dark Walnut or leather, they stands up even more due to the consistency of styles across all the product ranges.

  • A very distinct and defined style of furnishing and decor pieces.

  • Rustic and dark coloured theme someone does well with the lighter and pastel interior of our work

2. Rozel

  • As they have been around for ages, what they offer are synonymous with older generation concerned with status than style, due to their European pieces .

  • However they’ve been coming up, recently, with more classy and sleek Khayu range dining tables that could easily be a feature decor piece in your meal space.

  • Marble finishing is sexy, most of the time.

3. More Design

  • If you’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest, chances are you will come across their home furnishings as they offer designer replicas (well known pieces done by well known designers) at a fraction of their original price.

  • Very suitable for mixing up and adding vibrant mood to any space, especially with the ever popular Scandi or minimalist home trends.

  • Prices are competitive, but not everything on display is always available in stock.

4. Nostaloft

  • Their collections offer a strong hint of Scandi inspirations but not as focused.

  • They also carry pieces from Innovation, more prominently featured by Ambient Living. Modern and high in style and in price.

  • The design of their latest Babakagu collection has character to them.

5. Kedai Bikin

  • Rustic, kopitiam style home furniture is also someone making a slow comeback with influence from F & B spots.

  • It will add a little of texture to clean and sleek interior especially those typing to live minimally.

  • Could match modern pieces well (e.g. pairing this chair [above] with this Dining table from Art of Tree)

Some of these furniture suppliers should do a better job by having a more complete website. It helps homeowners in Kuala Lumpur, even designers like us, to identify and possibly connect with their brand rather than sending the message that “I carry a little bit of everything”.

Happy shopping.


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