PSQ Design Guidebook: Living Room

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

In this age of social media and internet, searching for home interior design inspirations have never been easier. Sometimes, you get swamped with images in your ‘save’ pile that you don’t even recall why you liked them in the first place.

We do collect inspiring ideas and designs ourselves too but also try to take it a step further by identifying what we like (or not) about it. This helps us to breakdown and analyse its design brief and in turn helps us propose the right solution for our residential homeowner’s brief.

Not every interior design or furniture is fancied by everyone. More importantly, not every design is suitable for everyone because each home requirement is varied. Below are a few Living rooms that we have done up and their stories.

1. Weekend camping. Lounging area for family over weekends. Decor pieces from travels. Half height TV console panel to control costs while still able to conceal cables and wiring. Vinyl flooring over existing outdated outdated marble flooring.

Dining table: Nest Nordic. Sofa set: Commune.

2. Bonding over meals. Congregation area before and during meal times. Mom bakes, dad props up a leg, and the little one plays. TV console to allow color from staircase wall to spill over to Living area.

Dining set: Art of Tree.

3. Clutter free gathering. Family of 5 which requires plenty of storage, concealed with marble textured laminate on cabients to compliment natural marble at altar and to control cost. Ceiling feature helps demarcate and visually divide the large Living area.

Sofa set: Moscule. Silver travertine marble (at altar): SR Marble. Dining set: Art of Tree.

4. Soft pastel comfort. Compact living room. Using darker tone at staircase wall to contrast and allow living area to ‘shine’ and take centre stage. Full height mirror at Foyer area also helps elongate the Living room while prepping yourself before leaving house. Monotone interior to allow sofa set to flourish.

5. Stay off the floors. Bachelor pad with a knack for gadgets. Cabling works are concealed and placed at the sides to minimise clutter. Recessed shelves with electrical works placed behind sofa to free up space by eliminating the need for a coffee table. Solid teak flooring to counter brighter finishing on walls.

Sofa: Commune. Stereo system: Sonos.

Stay true to yourself and your lifestyle, but never stop seeking improvement especially at home.


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