PSQ Design Guidebook: Dining

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

In our previous guidebook series on Living Room, we spoke about the different designs that we have executed based on different home owner's story. Here, we want to focus on the Dining area (because the term Dining room is so formal and based on the American design of a formal Dining) and perhaps will reveal a deeper insights into the different lifestyles, even here in Kuala Lumpur.

The country have such a diverse sets of home owners with different work culture, family activities, and taste in fashion, gadgets and bubble tea. But everyone needs to have a couple of meals a day. Below are a few showcases of how that want to have their meal and with whom.

1. Compact Living (and eating). Shrinking property sizes meaning some adjustments in lifestyle need to be made, but that doesn't mean sacrificing everything. Like separation between a dining spot and a breakfast counter. Mirror by the dining table, even with fengshui connotation, always helps add depth to meal time with the family.

Dining set: Ruma

2. The Showcase. Where else to show-off your travel footprints better (short of showing stamps on passports) than in an area where family and guests gather for hours doing nothing at all. The way to do this is to allow room for your house to grow (not just to accommodate new family members), but also collectibles and even furnishings from your expedition.

3. Hostess With The Mostest. For some, hosting and having people over is more of an honour than hassle. Of course it helps with this feature dining which takes over the room without being too loud. Clean, modern legs, able to sit 10 and yet allows the food to be the main stage.

Dining set: Nest Nordic. Console table (left): Commune.

4. Together. This prominent dining set acts as a bridge, connecting Dry Kitchen and Living. Almost like the adult's table, watching over the kids in the Living, and listening to the elders on the other side. Family gathering that does not scream formal or strict.

Dining set: Art of Tree.

5. Hustle. There is no hard and fast rule when is comes to renovating or completing a home. Only guidelines. So there is no obligation for a proper dining table if there is no such need. This island/ dining/ bar, that frees up space for the entire apartment, means so much more than empty dining table with stacked up letters, paper work and kid's homework.

How you have your meal and with whom is as important as what you're having for your meal.


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