PSQ Design Guidebook: Bedroom

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

There is always more than meets the eye. In our previous Design Guidebook instillment featuring Living and Dining area, we spoke about the stories and lifestyles behind the completed design.

Bedroom can be considered one of the most sacred place in a home, where we spend one of the most time apart from work desk. It is also fair to say that everyone have their own bedtime habits, ritual and even idiosyncrasies before taking in beauty sleep. There is no such thing as one normal. Here are the many normals we have help to work with.

1. Weekend getaway. When you go away for the weekend, you should at least stay and play with the kids. In this weekend home, the Kid's Room are attached to the main room for the parents, thus enlarging the boundaries of the Master Bedroom. It could also easily be turned into an attaches study or exercise room.

2. Always on. In the current social and economy statues, it is not too hard to imagine the need to always stay 'on' and connected to work. Even if its a last minute check on the email before bedtime like this room here. The sculptural piece of study (from Art of Tree) breaks away the seriousness of a "work area".

3. Secure pod. Some sleepers require total darkness, stillness and peace to fall into their daily rest (yes I was one of those before my first born). This cocoon of a sleep area has a headboard that heavily filtered the western sun, and a concealed sliding door for maximum privacy. The headboard and platform sleeping allows for additional storage areas, as this family is a down-grader from a landed property.

4. All within reach. We, sometimes, may want many things within the reach of our bed before, during and when after sleep (yes, that means not needed to even sit on the bed to get your things). A recessed open shelves helps to do just that without cluttering the side table with the phones, charger, water bottle, spectacles, book, table lamp....and not forgetting decor items.

5. Castle entrance. Not all feature walls in the bedroom have to be the headboard. It really depends on what you want to highlight. In this space, the feature wall is placed on the side where it's also the back of additional wardrobe, a concealed/ hidden door that leads to the dresser and Master Bath. What a feature. Custom-made hanging mirror. Bed from Commune.

6. Guest the room. Guest room does not always have to be bare and minimal. It could also be to maximise the usage. user capacity and storage in the room. Both makes good use of finance. But only one is more comfortable and inviting. This guest room in a compact apartment gives the lone home owner at least a reason to even use this room, even if its just for storage.

Always privileged to be given opportunity to do up one of the most private spaces in a persons day and life. Apart from getting to know the habit, it also gives us insights on a persons lifestyle and priorities in life.


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