[Product] Small Combinations That Free Up Space In Your Home In A Big Way

Our goal has always been to give as much value as possible to homeowners seeking home transformation. As we pass our 6th year anniversary, we have been re-questioning our goal and challenging ourselves on how to provide even more value to home owners. Gathering our relationships, understanding and knowledge of home owners, properties in Malaysia and home refurbishments, we have decided to introduce our first batch of loose furniture.

Knowing that not all home transformation are major or requires overall makeover. We hope to make the biggest difference even with the smallest product.


In a time when property sizes are shrinking, we need something more practical, versatile and even mobile furniture solution. Fundamentally, types and design furniture used in a small space vs big space doesn’t vary much apart from size and budget.

Yes we can shrink furniture sizes, but a chair can only go so small before it becomes completely useless regardless of how little support we require for our bums.

Another hurdle to overcome is stigma or assumption on what a house should look like and be, or relying on past living conditions. This leads to a gap between lifestyle and furnishing. A common example from our experience dealing with homeowners is the need for a full-on dining table in a studio apartment but are seldom for meals, or lounge chairs for aesthetics but seldom host or anticipating guests.


For us, the solutions moving forward are multi purpose living. This can come in the form of planning (design & renovation) and furnishing.

Multi purpose living: study/ guest/ store, or dry kitchen/ home office using the island, or living/ bedroom.

Multi purpose furnishing: sofa bed, kitchen island/ dining, or guest bed/ office.

These concepts are not new, but somewhat feels like a foreign solution to the space we have. Learning from products we have studied and even conversations with home owners we have worked with, feedback is that due to existing products reliant on technology (gadgets) like hydraulic pull-push systems or even soft close sliding systems, it pushes the price up till the point that users would rather buy 2 of these items separately regardless of the space constraints.

Another drawback is that you may only use 1 of the feature at any given time (bed or work, sofa or bed) and these products end up being left in the most frequently used state.

Thus, we have to create a better solution that is easy to use, not gadget reliant, value for money, and yet maintain the highest quality of craftsmanship.


In a nutshell, we want to bridge the gap between Ikea/ cheap designer replicas and big name imported home furnishing.

Up until now, furniture selection/ purchasing, regardless of the size, seem to be utilitarian where it only serves one intended purpose. We want to add another point of consideration when furnishing a home by adding a practical attribute into the mix, not too different from car or vehicle selection/ purchasing.

We want to create a more stylish storage solution, which can be a cause for great concern or headache, that frees up space at home.

We try to do everything full-heartedly and it is the same for this intervention as well. In order to prevent abandonment of these 'babies', we strive for this venture to be design-led by periodically refreshing and improving them. This could be in the form of either changing the materials and colors, to wholly-revamping the form and function.

If you're seeking change, we hope these pocket furnitures can work its magic and do you as much good as what they're designed for.

We never want it or want us to be another item in the list. We want it to be the list.


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