Priority list for homeowners considering interior design in new developments

To usher in the new year, it may be apt to bring up the topic of new property developments in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia. Supply and choices are plenty, with benefits ranging from;

  • Modern building design and updated amenities

  • Posh or upscale lobbies interior design

  • Purchase rebates by developers

However, among the many home owners that we have come a crossed and worked with, very seldom that the unit’s architecture (landed) or interior (high rise) design was the main selling point. For me, this is a cause for concern considering the amount of time spent in/ with your new purchase. Some, if not most, of these properties are already costing you a fortune even for a bare or semi-furnished unit. How do you even start to consider forking out more money for interior design or renovation?


Below are a few points of consideration when we are approached for renovation or interior design work.

  1. What is provided by developer? AC units, kitchen cabinet, wardrobes. This will help homeowners to project additional costs required to fully furnish their new property. In addition, it could also set a direction for the theme or design should you want to retain these items provided by the developer.

  2. What you need to turn a house into a home? Your spatial requirement. Bigger and a fully equipped kitchen if cooking is your thing. An area as play area for the kids. More socket points for those who work from (anywhere in the) home. Knowing what styles or materials you fancy also helps.

  3. What is the appropriate budget for interior design or renovation work? There’s no rule of thumb here. Some use a percentage of the property purchase price. Some proposes a number that they are comfortable with, although it doesn’t always tally with that they need to add or improve. This should always take place after considering points 1 and 2 so that you will be able to justify the amount of money that you’ll be spending on.

Home owners should always spend what they can afford or what they think its worth the addition or improvement works. This will lead to a less stressful interior design or renovation process. Think of what a comfortable and fully equipped home’s worth is to you. It could be the mood/ ambience that it will set, peace of mind that you daily needs are taken care of, or simply just the pride of a pretty home.


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