Our take on sprucing up the Living area for CNY/ 2020

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

With the year end festivities (or leave taking and clearing for those not celebrating) behind us, the next wave of long weekends are looming. As these always coincide with school holidays, it has traditionally been the period where home owners choose to finish up home makeovers and move in.

Many home owners that we have come across, during the design stage, have started taking the long term view of allowing space and flexibility for future makeover, decor changes and even festive show-off. I do agree too that this is a nice way to go about doing a 5-year spring-cleaning as moving homes are not always financially viable these days.

For the first time ever in a this new decade, we have conjured up an inspiration for a living room makeover that one of you will be able to take it onboard wholly, or even partially.

Vision 2020

Let's call this mood Untangled Vision, as we try to steer ahead on to the new year and new decade.

In my previous post here, I anticipated that industrial or rustic elements are slowly and partially being accepted, requested and introduced into homes in Malaysia. One good example is this house in Ipoh using industrial metal roofing as facade cladding. As for interiors, cement renders are become more prevalent.

While intended as a traditional building material (more widely used abroad), Vasari has been gaining popularity and being used in modern application. It is a very different product and manner of application from Nippon Momento series. Color selection range is wide alongside ability to select from polished, matte or rough surface finishing.


Yes an L-Shaped sofa is always good for them afternoon naps, but not always applicable especially for compact homes. Apart from size, it is one of the harder items to advise other home owners, other than try it on themselves. Cushion density (translate hardness) is more important than the upholster in my opinion. But this piece ticked both boxes for me.

Lay back

Living room seating are getting more adventurous and experimental, which means not always conforming to the arm chair fashion. Appreciating every square foot of your space and flexibility in mind, this stool/ side table from Commune offers both.

Black or white?

Coffee table trends are slowly creeping into our homes, as it is being seen as a statement/ feature piece rather than just purely utilitarian. And no it is not just a place to put your remote control. Or feet.

Tug your rug

Due to dust, maintenance and any sinuses you can think of, home owners in Malaysia are starting to accept rugs as a nice addition to any modern space without the need for an ethnic taste. I use it even in my bedroom as it does add a soft touch to the space, both aesthetically and to your feet. We do have to clean them up from time to time, but it's worth it. (especially at this price point for this rug

Spinning into the new year.

I think Acorn has slowly caught up with timber-looking ceiling fans that were, in the early days, dominated by Haiku and NSB Aeratron. Although costing less than 50% of both brands, nothing is compromised here. Multiple color selection means the ability to use them in the entire home without being labelled as boring.

Do let us know if there is any color combination, pieces of furniture or space planning challenges that you would like us to play with!


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