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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Having been away from Malaysia for almost 10 years before retuning home, I'm not proud to say I still don't know Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley very well, as I did not need to travel too far from home for school, college and shopping.

This company has enabled me to meet more people, see more enclave of neighbourhoods and see more properties and home than I could have even imagined.

Until today, I am still excited when viewing properties and allowing our imagination to run wild, thinking about the possibilities. Of course, not all ideas are bought. Our vision will have to always be aligned with owner's requirements, budget, timeline and even communication. While these are healthy boundaries being set, we do occasionally wonder- what if there is none?

In this new instalment of Property Play, we will set an imaginary boundary and explore the craziest but practical potential and possibilities for newer properties out there. A little inspiration for readers, or even a little self-indulgence on our part. Developers have to work hard to keep up with the market demand and knowledge. It's about time we do the same.

The Canvas

I had the opportunity to visit Ohako Residence during VP at the end of 2019. While it was a makeover request for a family, I couldn't help but to notice the younger crowd flocking in to their new nest.

While I can understand the financial and marketing angle the developer is taking, I personally think it is too small a space (Type Z, 1002 sqft) to be cramping 3 bedrooms in this build-up, especially for a younger couple or newly weds. Let's see if our imaginary boundary below makes sense as a starting ground. Even at this price point (RM500,000 on sub-sale market), I don't think it is too much to prioritise quality of space over quantity. Heck, it's not too much at any price point.

  • Target #1: More spacious room/ rooms

  • #2: More flexible spaces for multi-usage

  • #3: More efficient use of built-ins or furniture

I like that:

  • Living Area has a clean and simple shape

  • Master Bedroom and Bath is more spacious rather than trying to even out all room sizes

The Obstacle

I always start by plotting what cannot be removed or altered. Here we can see that the way the structural/ shear walls are laid out, it prevents major change in room layouts (e.g. combining rooms). WC position is also usually a good indicator of how much bathroom works can be done or repositioned.

Next up to is separate the unit into 3 major areas: private, semi-private and public. This helps to keep the intention of design very clear and prevents overdoing it.

Private @ Master Bedroom: Intention is to use up Bedroom 3 as walk-in closet due to the limited usage of the existing room due to the size and window design (small and faces common corridor outside). That will free up the "sleeping' zone from wardrobes and this will add valuable open space to the room.

Semi-Private @ Kitchen: To open up yard area to create a more squarish layout for the kitchen (to achieve the triangle kitchen planning). The yard then can be fully utilised rather than leaving previous floor area idle and just for clothes drying activities.

Public @ Living: Not much to be done here but just to flip the existing TV points on the Bedroom 2 wall. Distance from TV to viewer should only take up 2.5 metres (unless you're getting a 60" screen or above). By flipping sofa & TV position, I can now push the sofa forward which in turn leaves a small walkway behind it to access the balcony. This prevents annoyance at passerby while watching that action scene.

The Play

To further increase flexility of Kitchen, sliding glass doors/ windows on the dining table/ island helps to cordon off the smell and smoke when cooking. I would probably have the dining table same height as kitchen counter to maintain a uniform look and most importantly provide extra cooking preparation space.

This is really just an exercise for me to get out of my usual routine, keep in touch with properties that are being developed in Malaysia and be aware of issues that home owners are generally facing.

Do leave a comment below if you there is any houses or properties that you'd like me to play with.


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