New Tech Suitable For Homes in Malaysia

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

It is almost impossible these days to go through the day without the help of technology (electronics to be specific). While the high-tech interfaces might distract us from its actual purpose, it’s easy to imagine how much easier and convenient these inventions has made our lives.

New technologies, especially for homes, are not always that easily accepted and/ or adopted in Malaysia. Price (currency conversion) plays a big role, more so for newer products, relatability, infrastructure (some products require very good internet/ wifi connections) and perhaps distribution (unavailability- Apple HomePod is still unavailable in Malaysia, even 1.5 years after its launch).

Another reason could also be that, previously, the majority of the homeowners are not used or exposed to home technologies as the current generation who are used to these amenities growing up.

Below are a few new and upcoming home technologies that I think will work well for homes and home owners in Malaysia. This covers a wider range of usage than the usual home automation products.


1. Amazon Cloud Cam

  • CCTV cameras, but mobile and works with multiple cameras

  • Requires just a 13A socket, runs on wifi

  • Cloud storage system eliminate needs for bulky DVR

  • 2-way communication

2. Nest Hello

  • Doorbell with camera that runs on wifi

  • All day camera streaming which means it doubles up as CCTV camera

3. Igloo Home Locks

  • A variety of home locks with wifi accessibility

  • Ability to set up a one-time password for single usage and lock/ unlock remotely


4. Samsung SmartThings

  • Automation system without needing to overhaul electrical works

  • Easily add and remove sensors, sockets and buttons to the 'system'

5. Marshall Speakers

  • Comparable to other popular home-system speakers, but with wider range of product including. battery powered portable speaker

  • Bluetooth compatible including built-in integration with Google Home/ Amazon Alexa

  • Retro design works well as a decor piece itself


6. Phillips Hue

  • Adjusting temperature and hue of each Phillips Hue bulb (or a set) depending on time of the day, room function or even occasion

  • Color is also adjustable

  • Elimates traditional and fixed selection of white or warm lighting

A musician never blames his tools or instruments. A home should never be defined by its technology. These home tools should always make our lives easier, less stressful and even healthier, rather than being bogged down by the details and application.


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