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Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Start of a new journey

Dining, Dry Kitchen at Setia Eco Glades (more project photos here)

Pocket Square has been operating in the interior design and build space in Kuala Lumpur for a little over 4 years now with many design/ drawings/ sketches realised into reality, many homes served as a new platform for its inhabitants' new journey, and even more stories to tell. Good and bad.

Ever since I stopped tutoring part time in Taylor's University School of Architecture (where I started my education many years ago), I have been searching for an avenue to channel my energy, my appetite to learn from students, and the ever present desire to pass down my, albeit limited, knowledge on the industry and its craft. Finding the best practices to implicate the latest trends, how to market our services, how to communicate most efficiently to clients. I think I have found a good solution, for now, and it is in this weekly blog.

Table for one please. Circa 2014

After months of procrastination, team restructuring and a newborn to entertain, I hope to have stumble upon an outlet to inform, promote, educate, teach, and most important learn from. Whether you're a student, a home owner, a professional, or just a home interior enthusiast, I hope those reading will be able to learn and gain something in exchange for the 5 minutes that I am stealing away from you every week.

Looking forward.


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