Furnitures That Makes a Big Difference In Small Homes

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

It might not be as easy anymore to look for condominium units at 2000 sqft or bigger, especially new launches, in the current property market in Malaysia. It is not difficult to imagine, seeing how prices (of everything) have soared.

However, it is true that many are also in favour of smaller properties due to lifestyle rather than purchase price.

From the many home owners that we have met and worked with, common reason for preference of smaller properties are:

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Spends limited amount of time at home

  • To be closer to the city is the new luxury

  • The need to spend less money and effort on renovation and interior design

While there are advantages and preference for smaller homes, there is no doubt that sacrifices have to be made too. For me, these sacrifices are related to our mindset (maybe even lifestyle when we used to live with our parents) that an area/ space/ equipment/ furniture should be assigned to one task/ function/ purpose.

Below are products and solutions that have challenged this mindset and minimise the sacrifices that home owners had to make in order to gain more space at home:

1. Transformable Furniture 

Coffee or study

Hidden bed, which can be great for studio apartments
  • Mocof has been around in Malaysia for a number of years now, carving out a niche space in the furniture market.

  • Brands on own hardware which is smooth and easy to use, often cost a lot more money due to their specialty.

  • Useful when taking effort to maximise usage.

2. Multi functional/ usage furnitures

Island, study or dining?

Coffee or wine?

Ikea's mobility at work, or meal
  • These furniture relies less of gadgetry and requires more careful planning.

  • As it is multi functional, requires less work to "swap" usage, making it more conducive for everyday use.

  • Mobile furnitures are also gaining popularity, if only those wheels can be concealed.

3. Concealed storage compartments

  • Although now people are living with less belongings, storage space are still essential (even for items that are not used often)

  • Good planning allows better accessibility and not our of reach/ sight areas of the house

What is as important as saving space is the habit and convenience in using these new products and design. Spending thousands of ringgit on a foldable bed is not going to work if you are not going to keep and pull it out every night.


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