How I Turned a Spare Room Into a Nursery

Junior's crib @ Eco Majectic

Moving into a new home and having a new addition to the family doesn't always overlap perfectly, timing wise.

Having lived in the same house for the past 20 years, my option was to clear out existing furniture and transform a spare room previously occupied by the sister for my newborn son. Having worked on only toddler's rooms previously, here are some of the steps I look to complete the makeover for his little one's new home.

1. PLAN BY AREA or DEPARTMENT instead of by items I needed, which consisted of changing, cleaning and storage. Changing, for me, required the most natural light and thus was arrange with full contact of the sun in mind.

This changing station allows us to change comfortably (as it sits 2 person), caters for growth of the little one and minimises danger due to height. This station also doubles up as the cleaning area which saves me space in the room.

While low changing stations are multifunctional, it does have a limit of usage, depending on size of the child.

Storage are also sub-divided; full-height shelf are placed deeper in the room while low cabinet for clothing closer to the window so allow more natural light into the room.

This mobile storage from Ikea is proven to be one of our best companion (and at the same time, decoration), following us everywhere, even room to room.

2. FABRIC BEFORE COLOR was guide by selecting sheets, pillows and patterns before selecting the color theme that goes with them. Going dark, although not always popular among Malaysians, wasn’t a concern to use as we wanted the focus to be on furniture pieces, pattern, and motives from the fabrics.

Don’t be afraid to throw in accent pieces like wooden or leather pieces.

Brighter splashes of color works well too to give the space a character while helping to strengthen the theme.

3. FUTURE PROOF the room by incorporating furnitures to your current habits while allowing leaving room for physical and lifestyle growth at home.   

This working desk allows me to not go crazy, running from one room to another. Or maybe I am just planning ahead for our baby shark sessions on youtube.

Nursing chair cum lounge chair is also a good addition to the room as it promotes flexibility and adds dimensions to the space (as most of the cabinets are against the wall).

There is no doubt that the arrival of the little one requires a lot of pre-planning. We know how fast they grow, so for me it is nothing more disheartening than to watch your hard work become redundant in just a couple of months. To prevent this, just do what you have been doing this whole time; plan.


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