Finding/ Hiding Storage Nooks at Home

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

While home owners in Malaysia are beginning to trend towards a minimalist lifestyle, both due to financial and space consumption reasons, there are still many things we will need at home. Yes, not all are used on a daily basis, but we do know we will need them some day during the course of the year. Festive decorations, that extra pillows and blanket, and those Tupperware containers.

New development properties are shrinking and the shoe-box sized apartments are mostly only marketed as Airbnb and/ or expats worthy. I feel this has a lot to do with storage space required by a home owner and their family. So far, interior design solutions has been the leader in this department as their architecture counterpart as not done a better job in providing these solutions.

Finding storage space is easy. Concealing and making work with the interior design is the key to make sure it does not scream "Store room inside". 

Here are areas of where you might be able to sneak in that little extra room;

1. Below Staircase

How? By maximising space below staircase which in turn can be one of the feature corner/ wall in the living space.

But.. It may not be applicable to all staircase types and design. Many would sacrifice the extra storage room to favour a open and airy staircase design.

2. Under Bed

How? By relocating the non-daily used items in an easy to reach area, whether its platform or bed frame style.

But.. May not be applicable for smaller rooms (room door may hit the platform resulting in smaller platform footprint) or rooms with already low ceiling height (be wary of ceiling fans)

3. Behind Sofa or Bed

How? By sacrificing a little bit of depth (horizontal room), you will be able to gain massive (vertical) room, although sacrificing the freedom of design.

But.. Many may not prefer to have anything above their head while sleeping.

4. Above Headroom

How? By using often unused overhead space, like how we usually keep luggages above wardrobe or kitchenwares in the, now popular, full height kitchen cabinets.

But.. As we tend to look up more than down, it may create a boxed in effect, making the living space look cluttered.

5. Behind Doors

How? With a more custom built in solutions (thicker door, cabinet behind mirrors) or quicker solutions (hanging racks/ shelves)

But.. Operating these doors requires a bit more caution and care, especially for the fast-movers or those with children

Hopefully these thoughts came at a right time, considering we are in the festive period of spring cleaning and new year goals.


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