Common Issues With New Development Homes and Solutions

Pentamont Mont Kiara. Will the quality live up to its promise?

In January, we spoke about things to consider when doing renovation or interior design to your new properties. I briefly touched on how developer's provisions and planning issues should be considered before starting any interior design or renovation process.

Seeing that the currently acceptable design and workmanship level in major developments is dropping, it is undeniable that home owner’s requirements may start with repairing or improving the condition in which their new property are handed over with.

Among the many home owners that we have come across and worked with, below are some of our thoughts/ advice to the more common complains and dissatisfaction;

1. Provision of electrical socket points that are either insufficient or not well thought of, especially in the Kitchen.

PSQ: Growing in popularity, Eubiq is a good solution if you’re not planning on a renovation or interior design works, as additional socket points will require hacking of the wall surface.

2. Bathroom tiles selection that are boring and generic.

Practicality-wise, nothing wrong with this at all.

But not too difficulty to imagine what this would do for your lifestyle. (Master Bath @ BU9)

PSQ: Although works to change tiles may have a big impact on the mood of your home, but it’s good to be mindful that it does not change the practical part of it or how you use the space. Purchasing new tiles might not be too costly, but be mindful of the extra renovation cost that you’ll incur when doing retiling works- hacking, waterproofing, making good wall before new tiles can be applied, and of course labour. Cost of new sanitary fittings needs to be considered too.

3. High rise developments usually have low floor to slab (structure of the floor above you) height, which in turn causes home owners to be hesitant to add plaster ceiling.

PSQ: If you’re one of them, consider using track lights for additional lighting points. This will prevent electrical wiring being exposed. Do note that lighting from track lights have different interior ambience created as compared to a more common recessed downlight or PLC.

4. Due to the size of newer high rise development units, usage of dining table seems cramped and forceful, resulting in uncomfortably tight dining experience.

PSQ: Consider using kitchen island (since kitchens are usually adjacent to dining spaces) as dining table since it also doubles up as additional kitchen preparation area. This frees up a lot of space for owners who does not using their own kitchen on a regular basis, especially busy working professionals.

5. New landed developments does not come with physical security grilles, something that we are all used to growing up with our parents in Malaysia.

PSQ: An option which is getting more popular would be security mesh which also works as a natural shade. Digital solutions like CCTV and alarm systems are more cost effective that can also give home owners peace of mind.

Of course, concerns will be different for each owner depending on their priorities for their interior space and concern for the aesthetics. Channeling your budget to address concerns, that makes a difference, has always been our priority for anyone we work with.

It might seem counter intuitive, as a designer of a home, to not prioritize aesthetics. But we always start by looking at the problem first, not at what solution we want to implement. So ,in a non-confrontational tone, what’s your problem?


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