Anticipating Home Interior Trends for 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

As we approach the end of 2019, let's get a little reflective heading towards the festivities, checking off the annual goals and embrace a new decade.

For me, it has been a good year for Malaysian home interior design. We have seen new trends emerging plus a revival of old-school design styles that we may be able to relate to. It is so healthy that home owners are getting more exposed to interior design, getting more sophisticated and unafraid of exploring personal tastes rather than conforming to any particular styles or design requirements we picked up from our parents. 2019 have seen;

  • A comeback in terrazzo finishes especially in floor and bathroom finishes.

  • Floral and especially greenery based wallpapers are also something that have been picked up even in homes. I feel that this is a momentum built from when Pantone picked Greenery as the color of the year in 2017.

  • Raw cement finishes are also getting accepted into a more minimalist interior.

With Wawasan 2020 drawing close, I foresee home owners to continuously being exposed to interior trends, and become more adventurous to showoff personality and personal preferences instead of just confirming to style and what others do. Here is what I think we will see more of;

1. Black bathroom and kitchen fittings

  • Surprisingly gives a sleek touch to the space

  • Some prefer this due to lack of water stains that is prevalent in chrome/ polished fittings

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2. Industrial elements

  • A continuation from the trend of last year, this time in feature/ decor items like railings, wire mesh

  • Double up as practical wall to hang plants, photos and other loose decor

3. Bleached Coral

  • Easy on the eye and something that can easily be incorporated into homes in Malaysia

  • Accent wall colours, fabrics in pillows, sofas and curtains.

4. Darker hues

  • Starting to accept that homes does not have to be bright and airy all the time in all rooms

  • Dramatic and cosy rooms or areas can become a desirable variety in a living space

5. Innovative furniture

  • Choices of loose furnishings are aplenty, but still very utilitarian.

  • Expect (or maybe hoping) that innovative, multi-purpose loose furnishings to gain popularity as new properties are getting smaller

You can never be too early in looking for year-end offers and promotions to get your 2020 running.


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