Allocation of Budget For Renovating New vs Older Landed House

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

In this second instalment of budget allocation, let's focus on landed house for this week. (Last week we uncovered home owner's priorities for apartments here). 

Apart from the value of the land, other advantages includes privacy of not bumping into your blockmates (wink to introverts) when walking into your house, having a garden, & higher ceilings. However, with greater possibilities comes bigger budget. New home price vs. potential renovation cost has always played a part in purchase considerations.

Below are how some of the home owners we have worked with allocated their budget when renovation new & older sub-sale landed houses.

New development landed houses:

#1. Built-ins

New feature wall to create walk-in closet area
  • Freedom in layout due to the space available.

  • Feature walls to create a visual focus or to compartmentalise, especially for walk-in closets.

#2. Electrical & Lighting

  • As electrical provisions by developers are fairly new, budget is then allocated to electrical provision & lighting features.

  • Most of the time this is in tandem with ceiling design due to higher ceiling height allowance. 

#3. Painting

  • Odd as it seems, but good internal & external painting works does not come cheap. 

  • Especially with bigger wall areas, there are more tendencies to dress them up with a little texture using Nippon Momento or Vasari Venetian plaster, which is growing in popularity.

Sub-sale landed houses:

#1. Extension & Wet works

Combining 2 existing bathrooms into one large master bath
  • More popular works are extension of kitchen all the way to the rear boundary line, opening up width of Main gate to accommodate 2 cars (dual income family now perhaps)?

  • Remodelling of bathrooms with dated finishes and fittings are also one of the top priorities.

#2. Plumbing

  • Renewing concealed plumbing works to provide a peace of mind.

  • Also to add hot water pipping for a modern hot water system instead of relying on instant water heater.

  • As most will commit to doing re-tilling works, decision on new plumbing works is an easier one to make.

#3. Electrical

  • Upgrading and relocation of new electrical points to accommodate newly reconfigured space

  • Upgrading to a 3-phase DB Electrical box

  • Cabling works for new Main Gate

Endless renovation possibilities is a double-edge sword. Perhaps you can consider doing works in stages, focusing on the must haves or heavier load works that is more of a hassle to commit later i.e. hacking and tilling.


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