5 Trending Interior Design Details in 2019 Homes

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I wouldn't go as far as saying that we have a signature style, but we've been very fortunate to be able to keep a relatively consistent project outcome and way of working. So when there are requests from homeowners that it unique, uncommon or quirky, it really does stand out easily.

While we work mostly with home owners, they too are not exempted from the herd mentality. In short, commercial and business owners are not the only ones affected by trends.

Here are some trending design request, preference or taste that we have noticed this year that we have not have the opportunity to explore previously.

1. Marble feature cladding

  • Marble, in the mass market, is no longer seen just as a flooring or countertop options as home owners' taste has grown to be more sophisticated.

  • While not overly extravagant as seen in many mansions where budget is never an issue, marble and its random and natural grain is started to be appreciated as a decor in itself.

2. Classical features

  • Making a comeback little by little are classical features, like wall panelling, beading or mouldings but this time in a more controlled environment.

  • It is being used as a surprise or hidden element/ detail that blends into a more clean or minimalist color scheme.

3. Curved edges on island & furniture.

  • Getting popular and, surprisingly, not just to children proof the gathering space.

  • While visually helps to visually soften the island 'iceberg', I think it strengthens the idea of the island or a particular standalone furniture being a feature

4. Open shelves at kitchen

  • As homeowners, especially those who frequents the kitchen, are growing younger and see the space not just as a 'production' area.

  • Open shelves creates decor and display nooks and opportunities and makes the work area a little more playful, light, and not so serious.

5. Built-in platform bed

  • Some are doing it for storage, some for aesthetics and ease of matching the design concept and usage of the room, and some out of convenience (not needing to find a matching bed frame).

  • Pull out beds are also a more common feature request below these platforms.

I do wonder if these home platforms are affecting home owners in Malaysia's taste and preferences. Whatever it is, while we don't conform to any trends or style without practical justification, it is always interesting to how something trending is affected these individual and private spaces.


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