3 Types of Bathroom Makeover (you think) You Need

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

We use different spaces everyday at different locations, whether at work, home or restaurant. We can eat in the office, have a Skype meeting in a cafe, or sleep in the living room (or not sleeping at all). But bathroom is one of the space that is, as Thanos said it, inevitable.

In the course of all the home renovation, intervention and makeovers that we have done, I have come across many reasons home owners in Malaysia used to justify a bathroom makeover. Some due to existing issues (leakage, faulty sanitary fittings), some to refresh the aesthetics and some to improve conditions to match their lifestyles (additional basin for Master Bath).

Whatever the reason is, it is helpful to be clear of the goals of a bathroom makeover. This will help you put into perspective the extend of the works you want to do and/or assign an appropriate budget for it. Depending on your needs. below are types of makeover that you may need or want:

1. Baby-Bear Makeover

  • Dry makeover without hacking or plumbing works

  • Addition or alteration of ceiling lights

  • Addition of mirror and carpentry for storage

  • Common among new property owners

Lower grade top that stained easily and lacking storage.

Don't fix what's not broken

2. Mama-Bear Makeover

  • Alteration of tiles (which involves new layer of waterproofing post-hacking of existing tiles)

  • Plumbing works are common for cater for new sanitary fittings

  • Common for older properties when tiles are dirty and/ or dated

  • Allows for concealed electrical works (new sockets, concealed lighting)

Dated design and fittings.

Redundant shower area and small basin.

3. Papa-Bear Makeover

  • Major/ total makeover which includes new plumbing, brick wall, new ceiling design/ lighting and even relocation/ addition of sanitary fittings (additional basin, bath tub)

  • Common for small or odd shaped bathrooms

  • Due to the time required, usually only considered when involving overall home renovation.

Master bath which is same size as common bath behind it.

2 become 1 by hacking of separating wall

Odd shaped and compartmentalised.

Opening up of wall, additional window and long bath to fit odd corner

Whatever the changes made, it is safe to say that you'll be able to enjoy this new space more than twice a day.


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