How do we charge design fees?

We charge based on the overall property size and the amount of work that needs to be done. This fee is to be incurred prior to us commencing on any design works.

Are we able to produce any quotation or design proposal prior to committing the design fees?

Apart from the initial consultation which would be free of charge, we would require the design fee to be able to produce any deliverables after. We do this to adhere to our highest commitment and attention to our on-going projects and clients.

Do we have limit on the amount of design revisions?

No. We revise the design until satisfactory. Making design revisions when works on site has commenced is possible, but not advisable as it will have time and cost implications.

Are we able to work with your contractors?

If you have your own contractors that you'd prefer to work with, for an additional fee, we can produce detailed drawings for your contractor's usage. However we won't be managing them or the project as we believe this method is not effective for renovation projects.

I'm worried about cost overrun.

It is a legitimate concern and for that reason, our quotations are fixed price contracts, where all prices agreed are will not vary unless there are changes requested by homeowners or there is a major unforeseen site condition that results in additional works required.

Do we help with proposal and sourcing of loose/ soft furnishings? 

Yes. We do propose and select loose furnishings as part of the cohesive design solution. We usually do this while site works is on going. We will then arrange for delivery (if we do the purchasing) or get the site ready to attend deliveries.


Wondering how we can be of service to you and your home?



For us, how your home looks and works in 10 years is more important than the first impression. To do that, we strive to adhere to these core values or what we call our 'PSQ Promise':


  • A home or the journey towards it should always spark joy. 

  • We take care of the insanity so that you can continue to live your life and do what is important.

  • Site visits, regular site progress updates and supplier/ brand recommendations are always part and parcel of the process.


  • Our main business goal is to help homeowners achieve their dream home and solve their problems.

  • That means knowing that sometimes we may not be their best solution.

  • We are not for everyone and we are OK with that. This believe allows us to fully devote our time and attention to the few projects and homeowners we currently have.


  • Quality in workmanship, in service, and in outcome.

  • Because it is somewhat subjective, we do always invite homeowners to our on-going site works to have a look at the workmanship first-hand.

  • Seeing is believing.


Ready to start your home transformation?